22 Apr

MIRTK Release 1.1

I have just released MIRTK version 1.1.

This release gets rid of bugs, runs on Linux, OS X, and Windows, and provides a Python package for execution of MIRTK commands in a pipeline script. The commands now support the NIfTI-2 image file format for large images and the GIFTI file format for cortical surface meshes as used by the HCP project. The build system has further improved with CMake BASIS 3.3 and automated builds help to keep the project stable.

An Ubuntu 14.04 Docker image with MIRTK pre-installed is available from Docker Hub the quickest way to getting to know MIRTK or to perform reproducible experiments in a confined environment!

See Release Notes for a complete list of changes.

22 Apr

BASIS Release 3.3

This release starts a new era in the development of the CMake BASIS project. Many artifacts from its origins have been discarded from the revision history to move forward with a lighter and easier to integrate repository. This version of CMake BASIS includes a number of fixes and improvements, mainly driven by the project modularization and CMake BASIS Modules integration demands of the MIRTK project.

See Release Notes for more information.

10 Sep


Footsteps in NJ shore

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